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I have contributed to local, national and international conferences and publications on a range of topics – all linked to the wellbeing of people and the planet.

If you are looking for a heartfelt message to complement your conference, book or magazine, be sure to get in touch.

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Protecting the Ross Sea, Antarctica


The final words of a speech presented to CCAMLR delegates in Hobart.

“The objective is simple – a healthy planet that enables all living organisms to flourish. As guardians of life in the Southern Ocean, this is your chance to create an enduring legacy. Draw on your integrity. Invest in the future. Cherish our Oceans. Make the only natural choice. Choose a marine protected area for the Ross Sea AND choose circumpolar protection for the surrounding ocean of the Antarctic. This is your last chance to save the Last Ocean.”

You can read the entire speech which was published in the Tasmanian Times –

Make your first choice a pact to cherish life



The written word ignites the imagination

I have authored, co-authored and contributed to books – all created with the intent to touch the readers heart and support them on their own journey through life.


My first novel, ‘Cherish’ was the culmination of decades of work in social services, conversations with girlfriends and consultations with women experiencing mid life crisises. I found the common denominator was a lack of confidence in themselves which spiralled downward into depression and stress because they tried to keep up appearances and not reach out for help.

Cherish highlights the power of the relationship between four very down to earth women who have numerous stressful life dilemmas to handle. The connection the women have to themselves and the supportive nature of the group enables them to grow in confidence and build their courage and resilience to juggle life’s curveballs with finesse and raw humour.

The Power of Colour in Black and White

How colour can support and strengthen your thoughts and feelings

The Inspiration Bible: The Unseen Force Transforming Lives Worldwise

One of 365 contributing stories to uplift humanity.

Fierce & Fabulous 

One of 15 contributors sharing ways we are making changes in the world, that adds value to the lives of others.

I’m currently working on a non fiction soul heart, mind and body book called “Life’s A Load of Balls!” bridging  quantum science with spirituality to empower the reader to appreciate how the rules and regulations we’re conditioned to adhere to – be it consciously or subconsciously – are in fact a complete load of bollocks and balls up our ability to live life to the full.

Magazine Articles

 Antarctica & Environmental Articles

Mission Blue – Waves of Hope

Perreault magazine – in the same issue as Jane Goodall!


The Change Conundrum – page 16-17

The Smile Syndrome – page 20-21

Articles on People & Place

Tapatai Driftwood creations


(I created the concept, design, layout, editorial and secured all the advertisers for these publiscations

Healthy Living 2014   

Bountiful Bream Bay 2016

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