Reclaim Your Sovereignty

Discover the true essence of who you are so you feel confident to live life on your own terms

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Do you feel overwhelmed, under pressure or trapped by the demands of what other people

think you should do or be, but lack self worth and confidence 

Do you want a deeper connection to yourself

to trust, believe and have the courage to grab life by the balls and live it on your own terms.

‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom’ – Aristotle



Course Outline


  • The course runs for five consecutive days.
  • The lessons last for 15 minutes or less.
  • I recommend you put aside at least half an hour a day to complete the daily assignment.
  • There is a private facebook group where you can post your questions and share your revelations.
  • You will have lifetime access to the material so you can keep going back to it when it’s time to re evaluate


The journey is an on-going process. The more time you invest in getting to know yourself, the deeper the connection you’ll feel.                                          It won’t happen overnight, so be patient. Enjoy the ride to learning to love and appreciate your unique wonderfulness.


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Day 1 

Verifying a Sense of Self

Understanding who you are will strengthen the relationship you have with yourself and help you appreciate that you’re are so much more than the labels we’re conditioned to use to describe our true essence

Day 2

Validating the Whole self

Identifying and focusing on the entirety of your strengths and the resources you already have so you have an in depth understanding of your own self worth

Day 3

Identifying and Managing Stress

Pinpointing triggers and developing a mindset for greater peace of mind so you can think clearly and redirect your attention to creating the world you want irrespective of what’s going on in your external environment

Day 4


Connect to your inner power; the Greater Personal Self (your internal GPS) to discover the fundamental values that will help you navigate your life path

Day 5

Balance the soul, heart, mind and body

Integrating the last four days to demonstrate how the tools can be used throughout the rest of your lifetime to feel energised and empowered to live life on your own terms.

Reclaim Your Sovereignty

Discover the wisdom of your own intelligence, feel liberated and empowered

to play the game of life in ways that allow your true nature to flourish


The only obligation you have is to yourself

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at –

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