If ever there was a book written for me, ‘Away with the Penguins’ by Hazel Prior is it.
It is by far the best book I’ve EVER read – and get this, the penguin is called ‘Pip!

As a writer and prolific reader of non-fiction books, a fiction book must be extraordinary to hold my attention – and this was unputdownable.

The title is an exquisite play on words – something I’m sure captured my daughter Toni’s attention when she bought it for my birthday. She often tells me I live on another planet. My obsession with penguins and Antarctica, along with the picture of a woman in a purple coat – just like mine – sealed her decision to buy it. The similarities piqued her inquisitive juices enough to peak at the first page.

Warning. You can’t just read the first page of this book. Toni couldn’t. She NEVER reads books, but was so enchanted by the magic sprinkled within this literary masterpiece, she had to finish it before she gave it to me.

Hazel’s writing is spellbinding. This heart wrenching novel is guaranteed to reignite the quintessential spark of courage within every human. It’s a fun, feisty, potent philanthropical story that weaves a superb assemblage of eccentric characters on their pilgrimage for peace of mind with their collective quest to protect the penguins.

You’ll blub profusely and emit squeals, snorts and sniggers as you’re taken on a journey through the traumatic events of an indomitable 85 year old indignant, crusty woman called Veronica McCreedy – giving you an insight into how and why people think and behave in certain ways. It’s a humbling odyssey of discovery that helps us look inside our own hearts – to relinquish judgement and become more compassionate to others as well as ourselves. The mesmeric mannerisms and charm of the penguins provide a profound perspective on the benefits of being present and living life to the full. The harsh environment of Antarctica exquisitely reflects the need for friendship and community to help us through challenging times.

‘Away with the Penguins’ is an entertaining, uplifting and thought-provoking book woven with threads of hope to help us appreciate the rich tapestry of life – how we can use our past to create the future we want as opposed to letting it define our destiny. How to not let age be a barrier and how we should follow our heart and act with the courage of our convictions. It has all the elements to make a spectacular film too.

The congruency between the philosophical messages within this delightful book align with my life purpose to help people connect and build a relationship with themselves and the world around them, to cultivate the conditions to help regenerate the seed of potential within us all to grow and develop a sustainable ecosystem that supports all life. The wording of the motto on my family crest, which reads; “Hope Lightens Difficulties,” further affirms the deep connection I have with this work of art.

Thank you Hazel. Your book has left an indelible mark on my heart. 

And to prove a point – here I am having my own PIP the penguin experience

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