P.I.P – Personal Intelligence Process

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom – Aristotle

I’ve always found metaphors to be a great way to understand the relevance of information and what difference it can make to me and my life – so I use ‘BALLS!’ in my work because it’s a fun, tongue in cheek way to explain why, when we treat life as a load of balls, it’s so much easier to feel energised, enthused and be more fully engage in the game of life.

On a scientific level, everything in life is energy.  Every cell in our body is a ball of energy. If we can master the art of juggling the 50 trillion balls of energy within our body, we will be able to synchronise the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical parts of ourselves to work as a whole team.

The four phases of the Personal Intelligence Process I’ve created is designed to balance the affect the external environment has on our internal environment so the soul, heart, mind and body flourish.

Connect to the source of what inspires you – the soul.
Pause, reflect and develop an understanding of what your emotions are telling you – the heart.
Engage and direct your conscious mind to attend to matters that fulfil you – the mind.
Respond with actions that synchronise your soul, heart, mind and body to work as a team – the body.


I will take you on a journey of self discovery to explore the depths of your hidden potential so you appreciate the significance of your life.

I’ll give you the tactics to tune into your Greater Personal Self (your internal compass) to help you build a strong relationship with yourself in order to strengthen the trust and respect you have for  the wisdom of your own intelligence to guide you to your True North.  

You will learn to ditch the ‘shoulds,’ ‘ought to,’ ‘expected to,’ and ‘obliged to’ conditioning that has constrained your ability to be the best version of your true self and in the process you will gain – 

  • A sense of self and belonging
  • The ability to honor, trust and believe in yourself
  • Understand the depth of your own value; what matters to you, why and what you can do to add value for the greater good of all.
  • Empowered to create a measure of your own success and accomplishment
  • Understand and know how to nourish your soul, heart, mind and body
  • Boost your energy and enthusiasm to achieve personal fulfilment
  • Feel confident to live life as a true expression of yourself
  • Align with a purpose that serves the game you were born to play.

 The Personal Intelligence Process™ (P.I.P)

I use the word ‘intelligence’ to mean knowing what to do with knowledge you acquire, and then know how to use it to expand your understanding – understanding your personal perspective.

Spiritual Intelligence

This element is the core of the Personal Intelligence Process..™  It’s designed to connect you to the heart of what matters to you in order to direct your energy into stuff that feeds your soul.

The C.H.E.R.I.S.H system within this element is designed to help you effectively balance your energy into seven key areas of life – each one aligns with one of  the 7 major glands, which make up the endocrine system.

Emotional Intelligence

The ‘F’ Factors

Your body is designed to resonate with your soul.

The ‘F Factors’ are just energy in motion – your emotions – a great communication system designed to inform you that  something  is impacting you in a postive or negative way.

These tactics teach you to tune into your body’s response so you can get back on track when those emotions are out of whack.

Mental Intelligence

The Mental intelligence tactics help you develop a mindful practise so you can consciously construct and steer your thoughts, change your mood and bring about your own sense of balance allowing your body to release positively charged chemicals that keep the soul, heart, mind and body in alignment

Physical Intelligence

The human body is a phenomenal vessel; each and every part intrinsically connected to produce an expression of its inner potential and the souls desire.

The physical body is like an engine room of organs lubricated by water and chemicals  stimulated by sensory information, feelings, thoughts, diet, exercise and sleep.

The Physical Intelligence tactics will empower you with the tools to keep your energy on an even keel.

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