Allow me to help you paint the best version of yourself

  • Have you lost your sense of self and direction?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, under pressure or trapped by the demands of what other people think you should do or be?


Let me help you get back on track and guide you True North to bring the hero of your story back home to herself



‘If we are full of enthusiasm for life, then the unknown reveals itself

and our universe changes direction’  – Paulo Coelho

Magnify Your Value

I have a wealth of wisdom to share founded on 60+ years of living, half of which I’ve dedicated to studying psychology, quantum science, human ecology, energy psychology, ontology, philosophy, epigenetics and psychoneuroimmunology and the environment.

I am so much more than any conventional title or role, which is why I have carved a niche for myself as a ‘Human Ecologist and Enthusiologist.’   Think of me as your unconventional, risque fairy godmother – here to deliberately keep you out after midnight, lead you astray and away from the ordinary to discover the extraordinary.  I’ll help you find the magic ingredients to energise your soul, heart, mind, and body – what I call your innate intelligence – so you form a deep trusting relationship with yourself and an understanding of the value and wisdom you already have. This’ll seriously boost your confidence and give you the courage to grab life by the balls and live life on your terms in line with what you know is best for you

I am, for want of a better word, a ‘real’ person. I’ve been there, done that and now got the t-shirt – in fact, I have a wardrobe full of them in every conceivable colour to mark the many failures, fuck ups and faux pas which have given me a greater sense of self and understanding of what’s important to me and why I now value every part of whom I am – especially the so-called flaws.

Unlike my school days, I now have an insatiable appetite for learning and have developed a fascination for the intrinsically interconnected web of life and our connection to nature.  I’m most proud of the Honors Degree in Psychology I gained by accident as a mature student. I didn’t set out to be a “Psychopath’ as my children call me (!), I was on a path to learn about child development and how I could help my children grow with confidence – I got hooked and six years later ended up getting qualified for doing something I loved.

There was a time when I felt small and insignificant because of my inability to live up to societal measures. Now I feel an immense sense of inner peace having ditched the man-made measure of who I should be. Today I’m deeply connected to what makes my heart sing, I have peace of mind and an oodles of confidence to make choices I know will serves me and add value for the greater good.

My driving force is a desire to reduce the waste of our natural resources – human potential and our environment, so much so, I started a podcast at the tender age of 60 called Waste Not Want Not. Click here to find out more.

I have a big dream to lift the attitude and aspirations of people towards a socially contented compassionate society that honors the diversity of human nature and values all life and our connection to nature.

Philanthropic Projects I’ve initiated

Waste Not Want Not Podcast


A monthly podcast bringing you ideas  and inspirational interviews to rebuild our relationship with nature and reduce the waste of our natural resources – both human potential and the environment.

I talk to people from around the globe who are taking both big and small steps to honour their gifts to make a difference in their world and add value for the greater good of all.

If you have a guest you’d like me to interview or subject you’d like me to address, send me an email with your suggestions.

Before I Die Wall

An interactive community board encouraging youth to chase their dreams and think of reasons why their lives are valuable.

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Spreading Kindness


Bounce It Forward (BIF) was a kindness and gratitude initiative I created after the tragic suicide of a local teenager.

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