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Live Life on Your Terms

Do What Makes Your Heart Sing


I facilitate fun, down to earth empowering journeys of self discovery for individuals who feel trapped by the expectations of others and want to find the hero within their own story and bring them home.

You’ll gain a renewed sense of identity and direction so you have the confidence and courage to grab life by the balls and have a bloody good time playing the game of life dancing to the beat of the song in your heart.

Hi I’m Philippa Ross

Human Ecologist, Enthusiologist, Energiser,

Eco Warrior and fervent Thalasophile


I offer a unique mentoring service that will infuse you with the confidence to grab life by the balls and transcend limiting beliefs and pressure to do and be what other people deem is in your best interest.

My Personal Intelligence Process (PIP) gives you the skills to chart your own course using guidance from your Greater Personal Self (your internal GPS) to integrate the intelligence of your soul, heart, mind and body. The result is a renewed sense of self  and the confidence to navigate life’s challenges and explore avenues that magnify what adds value and meaning to your life.

My mentoring style is a fusion of a no-nonsense approach with compassion and open-mindedness. What sets me apart is not just my professional background in psychology, quantum science, and the environment but also the wealth of wisdom I’ve gained over six decades. I’ve been there, done that, and learned to wear my failures with pride.



I provide one on one, group and online course mentoring.

The greatest shift occurs when you book a one on one consultation because the focus is entirely on you. It can be for just for an hour to support you through a momentary blip, a concentrated period of time for a half or full day, or regular weekly/fortnightly or monthly meetings to take a deep dive into your world and bring the best of YOU to the surface. I can tailor my services to meet your needs either virtually or in person.

Group workshops are tailored to address a particular need.


My enthusiasm, curiosity, wicked sense of humour, and down to earth approach form the backbone of my ability to connect and collaborate with a diverse range of individuals as well as local, national and international organisations.

I communicate my spoken and written words in a heartfelt, fun, informative way so people feel a real connection to the message I’m conveying.

Read more about my speaking and writing services here

Click here to listen to my Waste Not Want Not podcast

Energy Healing

Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-invasive form of healing that activates the body’s own natural ability to heal itself.  It is a great complementary healing modality to support physical ailments, emotional and mental trauma, mental clarity and peace of mind.

Sound healing: Tuning forks and Tibetan bowls create a gentle, relaxing sonic vibration to recalibrate the flow of energy in the body which facilitates the body’s natural ability to heal.

Only available in person to those who live within a 40km radius of Kerikeri, New Zealand.

“My biggest breakthroughs came from learning to acknowledge and appreciate myself. Philippa’s passion and zest for life made my whole experience rewarding, challenging and enriching.”

Linda, Northland

I didn’t have an expectation going into this, just a hope to somehow sort my shit out and I came out with so much more than that

A J, Northland

Sometimes in life we are gifted an encounter that changes everything. That’s exactly what it’s been like meeting Philippa’a presence alone magnetised me to work with her, but her devotion, accurate perception and gift to extrapolate what is trying to emerge is nothing short of magical

Anna, Australia

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