About Me

‘If we are full of enthusiasm for life, then the unknown reveals itself and our universe changes direction’  

Paulo Coelho


Have you lost your sense of self and direction?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, under pressure or trapped by the demands of what other people think you should do or be?

Let me help you get back on track and teach you to use your GPS (Greater Personal Self) to guide yourself True North.


Sadly, there are far too many people who feel lost and restrained by all the stereo type conditions of what’s deemed best for us – conditions I believe are a load of balls because they omit one crucial element – the fact we’re all unique and have a diverse and valuable contribution to make to the world.   Our education system has successfully managed to screw up peoples perception of their worth because they’ve not measured up to some perceived standard – but don’t get me started, as this is one subject that really rattles my cage!

I’m Philippa Ross, a woman who’s so much more than any conventional title or role, which is why I call myself an ‘Enthusiologist.’   Think of me as your unconventional, risque fairy godmother – here to deliberately keep you out after midnight, lead you astray and away from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  I’ll help you find the magic ingredients to energise your soul, heart, mind, and body so you form a deep trusting relationship with yourself and an understanding of the value and wisdom you already have. This’ll seriously boost your confidence and give you the courage to live life on your terms in accordance with what you know is best for you

It’s not all tutus and airy fairy stuff. I do have the authority to do the work I do. I’ve packed a shit load of experiences into the 5+ decades of my life so far – including my fair share of balls ups – so I am, for want of a better word, a ‘real’ person, someone who understands the pressures in life and how it feels to go against the grain. I’ve got a wardrobe of t-shirts that remind me of my failures, but I now know how to wear them with pride.

Unlike my school days, I have an insatiable appetite for learning. I’m most proud of the Honors Degree in Psychology I gained by accident as a mature student. I didn’t set out to be a “Psychopath’ as my children call me (!), I was on a path to learn about child development and how I could help my children grow with confidence – I got hooked and six years later ended up getting qualified for doing something I loved.   I’ve worked in many industries; education, social services, media – tv, radio and newspaper and hospitality to name a few

If you want to know how to tune into your own internal compass and be rid of the shit that gets in the way of living your life being true to yourself, you’ve come to the right place.   Contact me to book a complimentary 15 minute conversation with me to find out if you feel comfortable taking a journey of self discovery with me to find your True North – together we can create an environment where you’ll thrive and love being you. 

Click here to discover the range of services I offer to empower you to create your best self

Extra Fascinating Facts – well I think so anyway!

  • It’s actually rather bizarre that ‘enthuse’ means ‘breathe in God’ – something I would have run a million miles from had I known, because I don’t believe in God in the traditional sense.  My God is the energy thatGuides Our Direction – the internal compass that knows how to help me find a life worth living.
  • By far the best job I’ve had is being a mother. Just like life, there’s no text book and it’s full of steep learning curves, but plenty of opportunities to trust your gut and do what you think’s best.    I’m also an author and freelance writer, which is random because I failed English a mere 6 times at school! I’m an Energy Worker with skills in a number of different modalities – a Reiki practitioner, Dancer/Fitness instructor, Colour interpretator and Equine Assisted Learning facilitator. I’m also an Artist, prolific reader, humanitarian, philosopher and Eco Warriorette!
  • One of my greatest passions is the environment. It’s in the blood. My Great, Great, Great Grandfather, the British Polar Explorer, Sir James Clark Ross discovered the North magnetic Pole and the Ross Sea, Antarctica – known as the last and most pristine eco marine system left on earth. I had the privilege of going to Antarctica in February 2016 to celebrate the 175thanniversary since his discovery. All I can say is ‘frickin’ mindblowing.’ If you’ve got an hour or two or three, I’m happy to share.
  • The ocean is my thing. Without water there is no life.   It’s another subject that gets me up on my soapbox. The amount of plastic polluting our oceans breaks my heart. It’s a sad reflection of the plastic façade people adopt to try and fit in and how complacent and materialistic society has become with a throw away attitude with total disregard for the consequences of their actions.

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm’   Ralph Waldo Emerson


Things I Value

Personalised Learning

and all things Antarctica

Plastic free clean seas

Natural resources

Holistic soul, heart, mind, body approach


  Contact Me


Email:  info@philippaross.com

Phone:   New Zealand (0064)

Landline:  09 432 1781

Mobile:  0212437474

Skype:  Cherishyoursoul

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