As a living organism, the most natural experience you can have is an orgasm.

I don’t want to quash any romantic notions you may have of being wooed into submission by a knight in shining armour, but the reality is you can have one when ever, where ever and with who ever you choose – even if you don’t have a partner.

The raw fact is you’re a living breathing bundle of energy – so, in scientific terms, you can increase your energy to an orgasmic state using your mind and the power of ‘Gratitude’ – your ‘G’ spot!

Think of the ‘G’ spot as foreplay.   The more attention you give to gratitude, the more pleasure you receive.

My message to you is to take a minute every hour to stop and think about the little things you’re grateful for.   Stay mindful each and every day and you’ll feel your own energy increasing and the mind chatter that clouds your thoughts will pass, bringing longer days of sunshine, pleasure and positive vibes.

Here’s to days, weeks and years of multiple orgasms.


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