I bet your mind went South!

I’m not going there – well not yet anyway. I’m heading True North to unearth the essence of the word ‘Friend’ because I want you to realise the qualities of a true friend are the very same, intrinsic characteristics you have and need to apply to yourself.

A friend is someone who you feel free to just be you with. Someone you can trust and confide in. Someone you can have fun with and someone who is frank enough to force you to focus on the good shit and the future you want to create.

I bet though, you’re more inclined to go South with your best Foe – the fool who takes delight in reminding you of your failures and keeping you in a constant state of frustration and fear.

If you’re feeling anything less than enough you need to tell your closest friend to Fuck Off – the relationship is just not working!   Tell them you’re looking for someone to give you unconditional, non-judgemental, enthusiastic support. Tell them you want that person to listen – not to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, but to just to be there – to walk alongside you and keep you focused as you find your own way back to the essence of your true self.

You will never find another human who has more allegiance to you, than you. If you’re struggling to re-establish the relationship with yourself, for fucks sake reach out for support – it’s frickin hard on your own – trust me I’ve tried!

I offer the same qualities you’re looking for in a friend with a ‘no frills’ mentoring service guaranteed to help you rediscover your fantabulousness.

Enthusiasm is my forte. Let me provide the enthusiastic support you need to become your own BFF.


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