Reiki and QSB treatment to de stress the soul, heart, mind and body

I am privileged to be one of a very few practitioners in the whole of New Zealand who can offer energy healing on a cellular level thanks to the revolutionary new Tesla inspired Quantum Scalar Box – affectionately known as the ‘QSB.’

The QSB device contains solfieggo frequencies that are transmitted via scalar waves; electro magnetic sound frequencies that travel faster than light, which means healing happens on a cellular level. You can find out more about the device by clicking here

When combined with Reiki – an ancient hands on Japanese healing treatment for stress reduction and relaxation, you will experience a noticeable difference to your energy levels.

To celebrate the launch of this amazing vibrational medicine device, I’m offering an hour and 15 minutes treatment for a special price of $60 for people living within a 30 km radius of Waipu until the end of May. I’m happy to travel further afield for an increased sum to cover fuel costs.

Phone Philippa for an appointment on 0212437474 or email on


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