If you’re ready to ‘Grab life by the Balls!’ and commit to becoming the best version of yourself, I’d be delighted to take you on a fun journey to explore the depths of your soul, heart, mind and body so you gain a sense of your own identity and value in the world.

Make a personal commitment to yourself and choose from the range of ways you can work with me. I’m happy to tailor something to suit your lifestyle and budget if you prefer. Just email me on info@philippaross.com and I’ll set up a meeting to discuss your needs.

  1.  A one off hour and a half to work through any issue at the forefront of your mind.

Normally $150.          Special rate: $99

2.  A month of weekly mentoring where I’ll guide you through a process to tune into your spiritual intelligence so you gain a deep connection to yourself and your place in the world.

Normally $650          Special Rate: $499

3.  Three months mentoring – the first month on a weekly basis and then fortnightly where you’ll establish a deep relationship to your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical self, leaving you feeling happy, healthy and whole.

Normally: $1500          Special rate: $999

4.  An annual package offering the ultimate level of support throughout the entire year. We’ll meet on a fortnightly basis when you’ll be guided through the entire Personal Intelligence Programme and given monthly challenges to help you grow and evolve all aspects of yourself.  There’s nothing like having an accountability partner to help you get shit done and be a constant support through the highs and lows of personal transformation.    Limited to 10 people.

Normally: $6,000         Special rate: $4,500

My Personal Intelligence Programme (P.I.P) is a complete self-care kit designed to your boost your wellbeing and build your confidence. It is broken down into four parts; the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical, which collectively make up the whole person.

Spiritual Intelligence

  • Create a measure of your own value – Sense of self worth
  • Develop self awareness to understand what and why things matter to you
  • Create a measure of your own success
  • Develop a game plan to nurture and nourish your own needs
  • Develop personal commitment

Emotional Intelligence

  • Understand feelings and the triggers that shift your mood.
  • Manage and shift your feelings
  • Create boundaries to keep you emotionally and physically safe.
  • Increase your resilience to bounce back from lifes’ curveballs.
  • Develop awareness and understanding of different perspectives
  • Build relationships; with self and others
  • Establish a sense of belonging

Mental Intelligence

  • Managing destructive head chatter
  • Understand the morals, beliefs and assumptions that govern your mind
  • Create a positive headspace
  • Fine tune your decision making for peace of mind

Physical Intelligence

  • Develop a healthy personal lifestyle plan to fuel your endocrine system
  • Create a plan with time and space to nurture and nourish your whole self.
  • Gain the ability to tune in and align your actions to feed your souls needs.
  • Develop a yearning to grow and know yourself as you evolve


NB: I use the word ‘intelligence’ to mean the acquisition, integration and application of knowledge

If you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to contact me.


Phone – +64212437474

Facebook – Philippa Ross – Human Ecologist & Enthusiologist


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