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It’s Good to be Different

Dr Jane Goodall – is everything her surname says – ‘Good – all of her.’ An absolute gem of a woman who’s earned the trust and respect of both chimps and humans across the globe. In fact, she’s the only human to have ever been accepted as part of a chimp community –...

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I Have A Dream

I may not be able to impact the world to the same level as Martin Luther King did, but I do believe the ripple effect of my dream would significantly empower humanity and enrich the environment. I dream of a world where people feel confident, valued and inspired by...

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Talk and Listen to Your Inner Child

Normally I love a challenge, but today I woke from a long deep sleep feeling totally spaced out. I really didn’t feel like ‘adulting’. My stomach churned when I opened an email from Messaging Coach, Christine Sheehy with Day 1 of the ‘Find Your Voice’ challenge I’d...

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The Power of your G spot!

As a living organism, the most natural experience you can have is an orgasm. I don’t want to quash any romantic notions you may have of being wooed into submission by a knight in shining armour, but the reality is you can have one when ever, where ever and with who...

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The ‘F’ Word

I bet your mind went South! I’m not going there – well not yet anyway. I’m heading True North to unearth the essence of the word ‘Friend’ because I want you to realise the qualities of a true friend are the very same, intrinsic characteristics you have and need to...

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