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This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9

Day 9 – Much excitement, we get to imagine we’re on a long vacation and have to explain how we’re going to balance the whole work play thing – great prep for the reality I’m working on which is two weeks in Borneo and two in Bali.

The polarity of the two experiences is a fantabulous mix – one where I get to immerse myself in the thick of nature, the other to experience a spiritual culture in the thick of a community that offers an abundance of luxurious amenities.

The adventure will be fulfilling on a personal and professional level, providing material for a new book and courses; elements of which I can tease my audience with as I share my experiences via blogs, vlogs and live videos.

Orangutans in Borneo: ‘If you are interested in adventure and giving back to the world, you have to be a part of this expedition. It’s your chance to connect with the most intelligent fellow beings on the planet, meet the people working at the coal face and become part of the solution helping to raise awareness and funds to protect the Orangutan and their habitat.’

This has got me written all over it. The words resonated with the Eco Warriorette side of me, and as my daughter and I are besotted with orangutans and have been threatening to do something special together, this adventure is a must.   It’ll be a great chance to totally disconnect from the wireless world, reconnect to myself and the environment and connect to people living their purpose and making a difference to the world.

Kaleidoscope of Bliss in Bali

‘Famed ‘Island of the Gods,’ with its varied landscape of hills and mountains, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches, lush rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides, the ambience in Bali provides a picturesque backdrop to its colourful, deeply spiritual and unique culture.’

This little piece of paradise is everything I need to feel totally centred and connected as I pour my heart and soul into scribing the content of my book.   Mornings by the warm waters of the ocean either relaxing at the waters edge or indulging in some water sports.  Lunches with new friends; online friends ‘in person!’. Afternoons exploring towns and villages for temples and treasures.   While my daughter mixes with the young ones doing their thing into the wee hours of the night, I’ll bask under the moon on the balcony writing.

My stomach is tingling with excitement as I write this; the anticipation of what lies ahead is energizing – the very fuel I need to create special experiences within my business to attract the people who’ll benefit from the service I offer – providing us both with the abundance we need to grow and live our deepest desires.

…. Just so you know, the Orangutan symbolizes playfulness, resourcefulness, ingenuity, companionship and community – all the essential elements of for a balanced work play lifestyle.


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