Normally I love a challenge, but today I woke from a long deep sleep feeling totally spaced out. I really didn’t feel like ‘adulting’. My stomach churned when I opened an email from Messaging Coach, Christine Sheehy with Day 1 of the ‘Find Your Voice’ challenge I’d signed up for.

A part of me was ready to let the opportunity go, but my inner voice reminded me I’d signed up to recapture the art of expressing myself freely without an agenda; something Christine has an uncanny knack for. As a woman with a curious mind and an insatiable appetite for knowledge, I’m forever reading and researching. I’d reached a point where my mind was so full it was about to implode.  I needed to create space to allow everything to settle so I could unearth what I really wanted to be and say as opposed to what I think I ought to be saying.

Christine must have picked up my vibes, as today was all about turning down the noise – turning off the outside world – limiting distractions to help cultivate the practise of paying attention to our inner voice; creating space to capture fleeting thoughts that often don’t get to see the light of day because we’re consistently filling ourselves up with stuff we think we ought to know.

Now I was in my element. It was almost like I’d been given permission to not only do, but say what I really wanted. I’d just spent an extraordinary weekend at the International Spirit Horse Festival at Dunes Lake Lodge where I rekindled childhood memories of time out in the hills at the age of 11 with my pony. I needed time out without a ‘to do’ list, Time to reflect on the weekend and time to be mindful of the present.

I got a whole lot more than I could ever have imagined

Two meetings and an evening event all synchronistically fell by the way side, giving me the opportunity to spend the day and night with my daughter. She squealed with delight when I offered to sooth her aches and pains with a massage – a blissful experience that gave me the chance to nurture and appreciate my baby in a totally different way to the time when I cradled her in my arms 23 years ago, I worked my mummy magic, in total awe of the young woman she has become, the child I’d given birth to.

I really want to say how grateful I am for the privilege of being a parent.

I really want to acknowledge how much it means to me that my 23 year old baby appreciates time out with me, Time out to go frolicking in the sea to cool down. Time out to concoct a delicious evening meal and time out to play cards and eat chocolate.

As I reflected on the journey of my own child, I reconnected with my inner child. She told me how excited she was that I’d rediscovered my love of horses and to use the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning expertise I acquired 11 years ago to enrich the way I help people make sense of themselves and their place in the world. She encouraged me to step outside of tradition and explore different ways to encourage the education system to embrace life skills as a wellspring from which a fount of knowledge can be drawn on to create a world that honors and respects the diversity of all life and our resources.

I really want to say thank you for the gift of today. Thank you for creating space to spend precious time with my daughter; time that has given my inner child the chance to speak up and remind me how important it is to be and do what floats your boat.

Shift your mindset that a mindfull is more productive that being mindful.

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